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Steps to Purchasing LED Video Walls

1. Consultation

2. Discuss Plan

3. Choose LED Panels

4. Install Project

5. Management

6. Follow Up Support


Buying an LED Screen is a long-term investment with a life spanning many years. It is vital that the company you purchase from will be there for you at any time to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Our full range of LED products have been carefully selected by us. We have created our own brand we believe in with great quality when compared to the “famous names” out there.

LED video walls are perfect for high-resolution photos, vibrant graphics, crisp animations, and full-motion video.

Our inventory of LED Video Panels and experts provide limitless possibilities for your project. The Illution team will provide the best install solution for your space.

Whether you need a small wall, a custom-designed curved wall with hundreds of displays, or anything in between, Illution has you covered!

Let’s GO

Wow your audience


Add value for all your attendees


key features


Creates a new distribution channel for key corporate messaging.


Adds a WOW! factor to events.


Mirrors the new corporate experience at meetings and events.


Provides cost-savings.


Decreases environmental impact.


Adds value for attendees.


Increases sponsorship awareness and visibility.


Provides flexible framework for real-time updates.

Led screen installed on the stadium before multimedia event

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